Whether it’s physical pain or emotional drain,
you deserve more.

You deserve a happy, healthy life

Oneota Health Solutions. We’ve got your back – and more.

How many times have you said to yourself something like this:

  • I wish my body didn’t hurt all the time.

  • When was the last time I felt really good?

  • If only I had more energy…

  • I feel like I’m missing out.

How many times have you sought a solution to your health only to come up empty-handed? You may even wonder if anybody can help you…and if asking for help one more time will do any good.

Yet, giving up means your health will likely get worse. You’ll be robbed of the life you want to live. You’ll miss out on what’s important, meaningful, and fun for you.

Oneota Health Solutions hears you. And we’re here to help through chiropractic care.

But our type of care is probably not what you expect, and it’s about much more than your back.

It’s about the whole you. Oneota Health Solutions can help you:

  • Have more energy

  • Have less pain

  • Feel better and do more

  • Stay well

  • Not only survive, but thrive

Our less invasive, gentle-touch approach is completely natural, uncommonly gentle, and remarkably effective. We do this without cracking your neck or pushing on your back. We work WITH your body to help do what it does naturally…heal and stay that way!

So give hope a chance:

  1. Come for a consultation at NO CHARGE and let’s talk.
  2. We’ll then find out what’s going on through an exam and by learning about your health background.
  3. We’ll design a treatment plan specific to you and your needs.

I’m Dr. Steven T. Wilke, DC, owner of Oneota Health Solutions. I promise to treat you like I’d treat my mother, providing gentle and effective care to get your health back. I will listen to you. I will take your concerns seriously because I’ve got your back…and more.


“I fell when I was in Europe, and the fall didn’t jar me as much as it might have if I hadn’t been in Dr. Wilke’s care. When I got back to the states a few weeks later, I made an appointment. I almost immediately realigned. I was surprised by how quickly I recuperated.”

“As a singer, I need my health care to enable me to feel connected from head to foot. Network chiropractic work with Dr. Wilke isn’t just about not hurting or being sick but about being in better shape than that because of the demands I put on my body.”

“Thank you for providing great care for me over the years. It’s dramatically improved my quality of life and productivity.”

Thank you for helping me feel better and allowing me to do all the things I want. You are truly a miracle worker.


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